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Neil Mammen

Neil Mammen, a non-hyphenated first generation American immigrant, is an Engineer during the day and an Apologist at night. As an engineer, he spends his time designing video and networking systems, computer chips and boards with and other US and international engineering companies

Neil was born in Ghana and grew up in Sudan and Yemen. He came to the U.S. for college and at 20 earned his BSEE in Computer and Electrical Engineering; at 22 he earned his MSEE in Solid State Physics and Computer Engineering. Neil has co-founded four startup companies in Silicon Valley. He has about 16 issued and pending patents in areas varying from Networking, Traffic Shaping, and Packet Processing to LED Local Dimming TV methodologies.

Neil is the author of the book:
Jesus is involved in Politics! Why aren't you? Why isn't your church?
You can get the book here:

Watch Neil's dynamic teaching style on this topic: